White Modern Cuisine’s menu and portion sizes are designed to enable our guests to mix and match their tastes of the day with a combination of appetizers, main courses and desserts. To get the most out of the White Modern Cuisine experience, we recommend selecting a 3 course dinner (appetizer, entrée and dessert). In addition, for larger appetites, we have optional side dishes available at extra cost, please ask your server for more information.

Gluten Freegf
Vegetarian dishes vegetarian


Buffalo Mozzarella Tartar vegetarian $ 16
Buffalo Mozzarella, marinated with truffles, served with figs, cherry tomatoes, brioche croutons, carrots, snow peas, local flowers and a honey Asian vinaigrette
Corn Chowdervegetarian $ 8
Creamy Corn Soup served with deep fried polenta, popcorn, roasted corn, corn chips, corn crème
and a corn croquette
Beets Carpacciovegetariangf
Roasted beets Carpaccio, served with a fennel crème, fennel slaw, vegi-naise, lettuce, oranges, pickled beets and roasted cashews.
Scallops Creollegf $ 14
Pan-fried scallops served a eggplant succotash, tomato powder, parsley chips and a pumpkin crème.
Yakitori Tunagf
$ 14
Yakitori marinated tuna, served with a lettuce sauce, citrus vinaigrette, ginger mayo, rice and coconut chips, lemon crème, radishes and a green apple and cabbage slaw.
Ceviche and Fish cakes ( Dairy Free)gf $ 12
Red snapper fillets, diced and marinated in lemon juice, mango, cilantro and red onions, served with cancha’s, fish cakes, pickled onions avocado salad and pica di papaya mayonnaise.
Hoisin Glazed Duck (Dairy Free)
$ 16
Pan-fried duck breast served with an apple and orange compote, pickled cucumbers,
crispy rice chips, hoi-sin & maple glaze and a peanut butter powder
Fried Chicken Bun
$ 14
Deep fried marinated chicken, served in a Chinese steamed bun, cucumbers, hoi-sin sauce, garlic mayo, kimchee and lettuce.
Beef Tataki (Dairy Free)gf
$ 12
Thinly sliced marinated beef tenderloin served with horseradish mayonnaise, punzu gel, compressed honey dew melons, pickled bunashimeji, lotus chips and fried rice noodles.




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