¬†“Martini Caraibe”A mixture of Raspberry Vodka, Peach Tree, Touch of Heat (spice), mango, strawberries and a mist of Pamma (Spray)
“Pink Panther”A mixture of Hypnotiq, Passoa, Absolute Mandarin And Parfait Amour
“Chameleon”A cocktail that starts as kind on the palate but transforms to delight your senses, with Absolut Mandarin, Bacardi lemon, Benedictine and a ice cube made of Tia Maria, Cane sugar and Angostura Bitter, served with a Vanilla Straw.
“Vanilla Sky”A cocktail that is as romantic as the Sun Set, made with Mango, Parfait Amour, Absolut Vanilla, Benedictine and finished with Bruska Flowers (native to aruba)
“White Pirinha”A delicious cocktail of Grape fruit juice, Cucumbers, Simple syrup and a exquisite Brazilian Rum Called Cachaca
“Angel”The heavens brought us this mixture of Rosemary Vodka, Irish whiskey, Pamma, Whole milk and Strawberries. (on table you’ll get a hot conch shell with a rosemary essence that will enhance your senses)
“Mojito White”Delightful Cocktail mix of Grapes Vodka, Mint and lime Juice, Passion fruit Caviar and Carrot foam
“Martini Pomme Brulee”A succulent mixture of caramelized apples, Havana club Anejo Rum , Martini Rosso and Lime -juice¬†

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