Main course

Gluten Freegf  
Vegetarian dishes vegetarian  


Salmon Yakatori $ 35
Broiled Yakatori glazed salmon, served with creamy ginger and wasabi sauce, mushroom quinoa, glazed shiitake, shanghai paksoy, pickled carrots, ginger chips, plantain crème and scallions vinaigrette.
Mahi al Aji (dairy free) gf
$ 35
Panfried Mahi Mahi, served with kausa flavored potatoes, pickled red beets, avocado relish, creamy Aji Amarillo sauce, chips of red bell peppers, Pico de Gallo, roasted red beets and a cilantro and garlic vinaigrette.
Chilean Sea Bassgf $ 45
Nacho crusted seabass, pan-fried and served with Caribbean risotto, eggplant Sofrito, sweet pea chips, sweet pea crème, Aruban spinach, string beans and garlic and onion vinaigrette.
Aruban Seafood Stew gf
 $ 38
Mahi Mahi, red snapper, Scallops and shrimps, served in Aruban seafood stew sauce, with celery, carrots, corn, onions, onion crème, pickled onions, scallions, polenta and polenta chips.  
Chicken Pot Au Feu gf  $ 30
Roasted chicken breast and roasted chicken leg , served with chicken and truffle jus, carrots, celery and onions, cabbage, radishes, smashed potatoes, pickled cabbage, roasted carrots crème and celery chips.
Beets Medley gfvegetarian
 $ 25
Red beet risotto served with a red beet broth, cream of yellow beets, marinated Chioggia beets, grilled yellow beets, pickled red beets, red beet chips and a red beet au beurre.  
Steak Basket gf  $ 43
Pan-fried 10 oz Sirloin steak, served with mushroom sauce, glazed broccoli Sofrito, roasted carrots, roasted onions, roasted tomato chimichurri, “salsa rosada”, pickled yellow squash, homemade French fries, Aruban peanut sauce and broccoli crème.
Rib Eyegf  $ 45
Pan-fried 12 oz Rib Eye served with vegetable demi-glace, roasted bell pepper macaroni, mushroom duxelle, pickled zucchini, pan fried lettuce, oregano and onion vinaigrette, tomato chips and mushroom crème  

Caribbean Braised Lamb Shank (dairy free) gf
 $ 42
Curry coconut braised lamb shank served with cashew crumble, pigeon pea rice, pickled cauliflower, cilantro chips, lemon mint and bell pepper vinaigrette, cauliflower crème and roasted cauliflower  





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